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Hello People, Paisly Print welcomes you. Paisly Print is a Manufacturing Co. of HAND BLOCK PRINTED Textiles and Fabrics. We have our own In- House production unit for printed fabrics based in Jaipur India. We are preserving this art for last 100 years. We belong to a special Caste or community in India called Chhipa, which is the only community involved in Textile printing for last 500 years. The Techniques and methods we have got are known by only few people left in our community. We have our own color making methods,also we make colors from Plants, Roots, Flowers and herbs known as Vegetable or Natural or Organic Colors. We have our own 100 years old preserved Wooden Blocks used for Textile Printing. We take Custom Orders also, if someone loves our prints and color combinations then we are free to print as much as quantity of fabric required. Otherwise we can also make Hand Carved wooden blocks according to the designs given by our customers and also print those designs in given color combinations. We are here to provide some of the great ethnic traditional collection of Fabric from all over INDIA. We mostly deal in Hand Block Printed Fabric which are hard to manufacture and hard to find and those whose printing processes are known by very few people only. You will always find beautiful collection of prints. You can make out good fashionable apparels for you, can decorate your home with such prints. Fabric we provide is perfect to wear and it feels very soft to you skin, beautiful prints will always keep you cool, and will make you stand out from others. In our collection you will find different prints like DABU, BAGRU, KUTCH, AKOLA, AJRAKH, BATIK, KALAMKARI and many other prints from different parts of INDIA. Our only first and last goal is that people around this Globe get to know about Block Prints and they understand the Art hidden in Block Print Fabrics. We want to Provide good Hand Block Printed Textiles and Fabrics to all over the world. Thank You !

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122/241, Indra Path, Mansarovar Jaipur
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